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DIRECTV vs. Time Warner Cable

From the outside, DIRECTV and cable TV companies may seem to offer similar service, but once you look deeper, you'll find major differences, from programming to price. Compare DIRECTV with cable companies, including Time Warner Cable, to find the entertainment your family loves at the best price for your budget.

About Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is the second largest cable TV provider in America, after Comcast. Time Warner provides digital cable, Internet and digital phone service to customers in 29 states. Across these 29 states, a total of more than 12.2 million residents get their cable service from Time Warner Cable.

How does Time Warner Cable compare with DIRECTV?

Need the best television service in your area? Compare DIRECTV with cable and see which is the right fit for your family.

Both companies offer excellent bundles. It's easy to bundle with Time Warner Cable as the company provides all three services in a triple play package. DIRECTV partners with top Internet and phone providers to give you the best of every service from industry leaders.

Depending on where you live, Time Warner Cable service may not be available. Customers in 29 states, including New York, Texas, North Carolina, California, Virginia and Michigan, may be able to choose Time Warner Cable. Comparatively, DIRECTV is available in all 50 states and to 100% of homes across America. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky.

Time Warner Cable offers a television plan with 200 channels. DIRECTV offers packages of more than 140, 150, 205, 225 or 285 channels, filled with plenty of variety to choose exactly what you want. Get the essentials, or go all out with DIRECTV — it's your choice.

Looking for advanced equipment from your cable provider? What about the best DVR service? DIRECTV now offers the super advanced Genie, an amazing HD DVR that allows you to record up to five shows all at the same time and recommends new shows that you might like (Opt-in to Genie Recommends required). Time Warner Cable's DVR service only allows you to record two shows at the same time. Choose a Time Warner Cable DVR and you'll have only a small capacity of 30 or 75 hours, much less space than with DIRECTV.

DIRECTV can keep your family entertained 24/7 with impressive channel selections, wherever you live in the United States. Don't forget to also compare its service with Cox Cable and see whether DIRECTV is the winning choice for entertainment at your home.

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