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DIRECTV packages excellent entertainment with budget-friendly prices

Selecting the first TV programming that you hear about could seem like the most simple way to get the television entertainment you want in your house. But randomly choosing a programming provider could end up being more trouble than you think. You may get a programming package, only to find that the channels you and your family love most are not available

Don't get stuck with a programming package that doesn't satisfy you. Choose one of DIRECTV's programming packages and enjoy the most popular channels in America along with the spectacular channels that you won't find anywhere else. And DIRECTV packages present the opportunity to customize your home entertainment experience, including choosing the package and upgrades that fit your household budget.

When you call today, an agent will help you decide which DIRECTV package will work best for you. DIRECTV offers specials every day, so you may be able to get the ENTERTAINMENT package, full of family favorites, news, sports and movies. Don't miss out on everything DIRECTV has to offer. Call now!

How do DIRECTV packages line up with your television-watching style?

What does a day in the life of your television look like? Does it sit quietly, hoping for some attention for most of the time? Does it work hard around the clock, projecting pictures and sound and never getting to rest? Does it have periods when it is in overdrive, and others when it has a few hours to recuperate from use? Every TV lives a different life, according to the family that uses it. DIRECTV packages make your life, and that of your TV, easier. Which package seems like it's right for you and your TV?


Get popular channels to keep the entire family entertained. Flip to Disney Channel℠ or Nickelodeon® so that they can watch the programs their friends talk about every day at school. If you have teenagers, they may be interested in Teen Nick® and MTV™. The ENTERTAINMENT package helps make the adults in the household happy as well, with channels such as ESPN®, CNN®, Bravo, Food Network℠ and Lifetime™. Call today to get a full list of the 155+ channels available with the ENTERTAINMENT package.

CHOICE™ package

More than 185+ channels of exciting programming await you in the CHOICE™ package. Get all of the wonderful channels included in the ENTERTAINMENT package, plus watch quality programming on additional channels such as films on IFC℠ and behind-the-scenes football coverage on NFL Network.™ Call now and find out exactly which channels you'll have when you choose the CHOICE™ package.

XTRA package

Watch more than 230+ channels of your favorite shows, sports and movies when you select the XTRA package for you and your television today. Get fantastic channels like Nicktoons Network™, CBS Sports and VH1 Classic to keep your living room buzzing with entertainment. As with all of the other DIRECTV packages, enjoy your local networks and stay in touch with your community, as well.1

ULTIMATE package

The ULTIMATE package delivers more than 245 of the top channels directly to your home television. Gather around for an afternoon of wonderful entertainment any day of the year to enjoy your family together time. The ULTIMATE package includes eight channels of Encore® movies, classic kids' TV on Boomerang and nail-biting matches on the Tennis Channel. Call today to get the details.

PREMIER™ package

Yes! This is the granddaddy of all DIRECTV packages. The PREMIER™ package gives your TV over 325 channels of family-friendly channels, movies, sports and news. You and your TV have the chance to build your relationship on 35 specialty and sports networks in addition to a wide range of premium movie channels. Watch every channel to which you've gotten attached as well as some that you never knew existed. Regardless of your television programming interests, popular or underground, you'll find programming to catch your interest whenever you turn on the television once you have a PREMIER™ package from DIRECTV.

Get the most for your money with DIRECTV deals

DIRECTV deals change often, so call now to make sure you get the best offer available. You may even decide to save extra money by combining DIRECTV with one of the area's great Internet packages from reliable Internet providers. Pick up the phone and call today!

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